"Across the River" on Independent Spirits Music Blog!

Thanks to Independent Spirits for the very kind words about “Across the River” from our last EP/release “Frost Blanket”. 


Thanks to them very much for taking a moment for our song on their blog!👍🦬🏜💙 ~The link is in my link/tree above. 

This specific project kinda started out as a few Grimy Blues songs and then grew into an EP. I really wanted to quickly finish a few songs that we had been playing live and messing around with so we did. Ironically In the past few years we were only able to connect with live music venues over in Mississippi and so we spent some time there during the last few years (gratefully). We stopped and revisited a lot of historic and important music/cultural spots that we could find and so many of the hidden gems out there that connect all music together. You always think you know until you go again, again and then again. 

Growing up in Arkansas and learning to play guitar I found the Blues and it changed everything that I cared about from guitar sounds to song structure to the importance of phrasing within certain subject matter. 

I was permanently changed by the early work of Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Magic Sam, and the guitar work of Hubert Sumlin. Huddie Ledbetter and Big Bill Broonzy were in the beginning and then I later found those Chess Recordings. These influences (to which I’m incredibly grateful for) made up alot of the DNA that flows through this EP. A quick kinda taste of the South that I observed as a kid and now returned to as loner/artist who traveled parts of the world and it’s obviously much bigger than me. 

As the opening track hints~ “hello, I am no one…”~ I’m just passing through, owning and inventing nothing and just grateful to connect with this deep, rich & muddy river of music for a brief moment in time. Hopefully one day I can repay the hope it gave me through out my life.



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