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Jonivan Jones is a songwriter and musician that started writing and recording songs on an old tape recorder in Arkansas around 1994, and later publishing and performing these songs while traveling a never ending road map for the last 17 years.  Grinding out a musical style that's unique, road worn and heavily rooted in Blues, Folk~abilly, and Western  with the help of some lifelong friends and co~musicians.  

Fighting uphill for years and traveling, sleeping in cars or on the ground in parks & national forests along routes to play music provided a genuine backdrop to embrace a unique sound and original music.  Songwriting, performing live and traveling across the States and a few parts of the world helped forge a mixture of influences and experiences from Arkansas Folk to the Delta & Country Blues to the familiar rhythm of Americana and its winding roots.


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Road songs, still spells, little red hens, ragged truths, an ode to a significant cowboy singer, old trails, road staggers, lonely highway blues, bat countries, second chance hearts, and a quick fade.”

Illustrate Magazine

This project/Album is the turning point and the corner or the transition where I’ve given all that baggage it’s due but also began to figuratively paint with a different type of brush and paint. During those years I truly felt ragged and jangly so that became the title of this piece of work.”


I made it a point to not run away from the grit or raggedness especially if it served the purpose of telling the story or making an honest or genuine sound. So I think we took something that was real and very imperfect and then embraced it to tell the stories in the songs and to connect through that.”

Memphis Voyager

Jones released his second EP of 2021, a two-single release of “Same old Rush” and “Roadside Attendant.” These sounds of American folk and country blues, similar to Colter Wall or Shovels and Rope, are infused throughout this EP as well as prior releases of Jones’.”

Music Mecca

It was the voice of Arkansas songwriter Jonivan Jones that struck us when we first heard this new song, ‘After The Sunset’, with its acoustic blues/country sound..”

Post to Wire

"Since he first hit record on that old tape recorder in 1994, the guitar-slinging tunesmith has been travelling these great United States and entertaining temporary residents of honkytonks and campfires with his unique brand of rootsy Americana music."”

The Static Dive

"That voice full of steely eyed grit and tinged with a muscular blue collar "get the fuck out of my way" sort of coolness feels just right within the framework of his song Wading Through Whiskey" "” - -Robb Donker Curtius

American Pancake

"If you were traveling along some forgotten highway deep in the great, open plains and if you stopped at dusk at some dim, smoky bar for a beer this would be the band you’d be hearing while sipping your dusty-can cheap brew. Their wandering, resonating guitar sound on their album, The Unknown, evokes a glimpse into a sort of grim, psychedelic underworld of Americana."” - Monika Sovine

The Pacific Northwest ~ 2011 - for the now lost LP "The Unknown"